Triggered by Monopoly For Sore Losers (aspie rant)

Yesterday, I went to K-mart to have a browse at the new toys on sale because I’m fascinated with what today’s toy market is bringing to today’s generation of children. I suddenly stumbled across a stall full of board games by Hasbro and it caught my eye with possibly seeing some new board games on the market that is brand new and not another one of those “new edition” board games of Cluedo, Mouse Trap etc. Instead, I saw a small stack of Monopoly games where there was original ones… then a new version of Monopoly that gave me the biggest trigger in such a long time.

It was a new version of Monopoly that was released 3 months ago called Monopoly For Sore Losers. I saw the title of the game of the box cover art and noticed Mr Monopoly (The Monopoly Man) crying and using money motes as tissues just like a wad of money is stuffed in a tissue box. It even included the slogan “Don’t get sad, get even!” ; and this had me reflect on my early childhood always crying when losing a board game espcieally Monopoly whether the rules were slightly modifired for all players or not.

I was never the one to be hard-wired to be a good loser while having fun playing games with others. To me it was all for glory, honour and the one to show who’s the more skilful superior winner than the rest. My parents, friends and family members were aware of me not being a good loser and used to tell me time and time again that it’s “just a game” and its exactly it! But don’t we all want to win and drink the tears of every sobbing loser in the game? I do!

I had a look at the back of the box which mentioned the new features of the game and it just my trigger even more heightened as I realised this was a real personal attack on me because I always remembered wanting to play board games with cousins or friends where the rules were modified in my favour to win as a “sore loser” which I really hate that label, I prefer the term “fair honest happy-chappy winner to a fair degree”.

The features include a Mr Monopoly figure where if you earn enough sore loser tokens, you can use the figure and collect any money from the bank anytime you land on another player’s properties (hotel or no hotel and even rent). Not only that… you can just collect money from the bank if you land on in income tax, water bill or even the electricity bill space.

Just as I typed the last paragraph, I realised that this game is a joke and I guarantee this is a joke to other people just like the other “sore losers”.

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