My discovery of the “blackpill movement” on YouTube (aspie rant)

This blog article that I’m about to write is going to be the most controversial blog post I’ll ever write because I’ve noticed this has been an issue to some of my male friends and the topic is regarding has too controversial for being so truthful and there could be no rebuttal against what these members of blackpill community preach on YouTube.

I thought this issue that’s rapidly growing around the adult male world would never be brought to light because I didn’t realise there would be a non-political movement going extremely active on YouTube with all these personal blackpill vlogs being posted; where men speak out giving up on women for dating, relationships and marriage altogether due to a major shift in the love and dating culture in the Western world where women in general are getting more shallow than any other decade. The issues all stem to call these blackpilled men are blaming which is “sky-rocketing levels of hypergamy”.

This is due to the ever so growing popularity of on-the-go dating apps that you access with just a finger on the touchscreen. It seems that adult women have grown attached to dating apps like Tinder, POF, OkCupid (which I tried and on and off with for years but to no avail) where they throw away the organic approach of seeking men and not being picky on what they want in a male partner and not set a very high bar of male standards with looks, personality, income and social status.

But now its all the matter of women swiping left or right running through rounds of potential matches where woman are surprised that there are so many dreamy guys described from their erotic dreams listed as matches to swipe right on when the act of hypergamy kick in and begin swiping right with their approved first impression in look when the men have one of the following attractive physical features that they’re blessed with from genetics:

  • straight chiseled masculine jawline
  • standing between 6ft to 7ft in height
  • wide frame on the shoulders
  • can’t be bald unless he’s looking like Agent 47 from the Hitman series with a chiselled jawline and hunter eyes and also jacked like Vin Diesel
  • “jacked” naturally or from their perfect gym routine with bulk up on muscle
  • balanced ridged eyebrows that don’t slope at a weird angle
  • no acne scars or existing pimples
  • thick neck
  • symmetrical strucutre of face (no broken nose to put off the perfect symmeterical alignment of the face)
  • hunter eyes
  • non-effeminate body language
  • non-effeminate human behaviour

With these traits, the men of the blackpill movement now just forgive themselves for beating themselves up for failing to find a matching partner if the odds are stacked against them on looks that appeal to women’s near impossible male standards on looks.

Their only struggle now is just finding ways to cope with living as lonesome men without a woman in their life; after making a self-fulfilled prophecy that they are born not to be desired by all for love and reproduction.

A real problem on YouTube regards to the blackpill videos that the constant creators have warned male viewers that once they watch the videos, they’ll most likely commit suicide and give up with trying to live a happy life while being lonely. The content is undeniably truthful and its truly “a pill you’ll have to swallow” and wholly accept.

In the beginning when I discovered the blackpill videos is that I thought they were doomsday prophecies for humankind as in a way to convince the viewer that it’s too late to live freely and happily and the world keeps spinning… but I was wrong. It had been just evidence after evidence of videos shard on social media and YouTube itself where women react negatively towards men whoa re deemed too naturally ugly for society with the rejections, cold-shouldering and the nasty crushing taunting and belittlement towards these innocent men.

In life, men have been labelled simple creatures that don’t know better and always lose the game with women in conflict where he’s the victim in the scenario through emotional manipulation and psychological warfare. But I figured that if any male watched blackpill videos they know exactly what truth ammunition to fire at women who try to reason to a single lonely male; that he’ll find someone special when they can spit cold hard facts using human science and psychology facts on adult female hypergamy (physical traits on “chads” or “alpha males” that mostly attract women) where they can’t compete with alpha males if they don’t even once tick off the checkbox on what’s gotta look like and how much money he earns and how charismatic he’s around with people around him.

After I had checked out these black pill videos and absorbed all this information, I tested my female cousin who had an ex boyfriend who was a 6ft5 basketball player and she’s just under 5ft in height herself. I asked her if she heard of the blackpill and she said yes. I was shocked… so I asked her to confirm as a woman if she admits it’s all truth, but I don’t remember her reaction unfortunately. I did ask her if height matters when it comes to finding a male partner and she agreed; so I asked her why she needs to have a partner towering over her and she laughed hysterically saying she doesn’t know why. And so I asked her if that meant throwing any guy who stands under 5ft9 under a bus even if she knew he would be so living, loyal and caring and she didn’t respond… so it was a checkmate moment for me! Busted haha!

I wonder if there will ever be a sudden shift in the dating culture where all those near impossible male standards set by women all around the world set on for a male partner will be abolished. Only time will tell but I think not.