My experience dealing with coronavirus as an aspie

To be honest right now, I’m dealing with it pretty well and positively with working form home in a secure job I have and dealign with the restrictions of only having a few reasons to exit my house (exercise, getting food and supplies, seeking medical treatment or going to work at a workplace as long as I have the authority to do so).

I like being at home doing artwork and playing my video games of all sorts after I clock off each work shift in the weekdays, and just not having to worry about family functions and other social events in the weekends when you can’t even in a crowd of people with social distancing rules in place.

It has been pretty triggering to think of much social events like going to a punk gig which I did only once last year and was overwhelmed with the moshing and thinking I don’t wish to do anything wild and drift from that friend who took me out to that punk gig.

With social distancing and all these other rules, I know the rules are pretty suss when you’re queuing up at a supermarket cashier line and come facial-recognition camera can easily capture your face as a way to steal your identity since being in a bunched up queue would be hard enough for the facial recognition security to capture your face and identify you. Another thing is just treating each day like coronavirus didn’t exist and doing my usual routines which aren’t affected as much expect not being able to sit down at a cafe for a coffee and draw in my journal, while the whole world is going stir-crazy over the lockdowns and restrictions.

I’m not even being overwhelmed about getting coronavirus as I know I do by social distancing walking around public places avoiding brushing against people by accident or preventing the scenarios of being coughed on or sneezed on by accident.

On Instagram, I’ve noticed that seeing posts under #aspie, #asd or even #autismadult or just #actuallyautistic where the users are posting up happy photos of themselves or an activity where they say tis a blessing not having to socialise with people in the flesh and feel joy of being an introvert for all good reason to not go near any potential COVID-19 carriers outside their home, and I’m with them on that one!

FInally, I conclude that my country I live in has in fact flattened the curve and just the country itself will finally have stop the spread before any other country has and my country can just go back to normal living and no longer conditioned to follow social distancing rules, lockdowns and restrictions. It will just really suck not being able to travel overseas when the borders are closed at the moment until the pandemic passes.