Report on current problems with Hiki (aspie rant)

I am currently a user of Hiki (that autism dating app that almost equates to Tinder or POF basically) and its has gone bigger in numbers with aspies signing up to the app to find unacquainted love and/or friendships.

So far its mostly just male aspies using the app so it’s quite a sausage-fest with the gender ratio with a limited number of female aspies using Hiki to find relationships or friendships.

There has been a growing number of cases of trolls going under the guise of a ‘supermodel woman’ with misleading background info on their profiles to describe who they are as individuals and what they want out of the app. These trolls have attracted many thirsty male aspies who dream of having as girlfriends that they fixate on very high standards on appearances; and proceed to contact them with messages on Hiki but to no avail. Or at least the trolls contact on the Hiki community tab to reach out to any male aspie wanting to contact them via video call on a social media outlet and yet no aspies call out these trolls as they are delusional to think they are real women.

Another issue facing the Hiki community is the increase of bots with little to no background information in which personally I hope other users have reported these bots and have the bot profiles terminated but they still pop up along with the same old potential matches that mostly are rejected but pop up again the nest day with the very few new profiles to ‘swipe left or right on’.

A few Hiki members have already boycotted the app and Hiki community s they face these issue and give up on trying their luck on Hiki with their heads hanging down with misery as they already possibly tried other dating apps like POF, OKCupid, Tinder etc. Its those apps that they face the same heart-stabbing excruciatingly shallow responses of rejections from not getting replies to matches, verbal abuse to perform trolling or harsh truths to why the other match questions the compatibility after getting to now the individual and to having a single to none match on the apps.

In most cases its the actions of neurotypes who commit these harsh realities of tough love hence why these aspies resorted to their last resort. To the one s who left Hiki, I really do hope you improve your persona, personalities and know your strengths to attract the other halves in the real world away from dating apps.

One thought on “Report on current problems with Hiki (aspie rant)

  1. when I was single I would have been excited for an app like that. Although I didn’t know I had autism until after I met my wife. But if I had known yes, it would have been exciting. And then, the fem bots… I am inviting you to check out my blog about having Asperger’s. I share excerpts from my book of memoirs.


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