My memories of the TV show Scrubs (aspie rant)

Today at work as I was quietly working through my work tasks, I had listened to the Scrubs theme song (yeah that show with the damn nurses and surgeons that showed those cringy, goofy male besties around the operating table on and off the job) on YouTube and played it at x0.25, the slowest video playback speed and I joked about how the band vocalist sounds so drunk and depressed.

I just started laughing and chuckling to myself over the playback of the song and the memories started to flood back to my teenage years. A time when Scrubs was a hit show and my sisters adored the show and watched it relentlessly on a DVD set relentlessly every week until the “fandemonium” died out and its become a cringy cheesy nostalgic memory to the viewers.

I always had them telling me if I wanted to watch it but always declined because I would just do other things alone in my bedroom. There were times I would be floating around behind them watching Scrubs as my sisters glued their eyes to the show and I would jus stand there like a lonely ghost not saying a word and they turn around and freak out and tell me to either sit down and watch with them or go away.. and I would just go away.

Another teenage memory I had was in Year 12 at high school, and remembering two guys that in my supposed open-ended circle of friends i seeped into. These tow guys thought they were the ultimate example of what male best friends ought to be like and found it awesome that they felt like they were the real life JD and Turk (because one is white and the other is dark brown) and they loved Scrubs so much that they quoted so much form the show and connect it with their lives together like they are just like JD and Turk. I was jealous of their friendship as the time I wasn’t great at having male friends as I felt the silent ridicule from them that I was different to them socially and my lack of common interests to share with them as well.

It was also a time when I ultimately wanted to have a bro squad and not worry about our problems and silly problems were solved in half an hour and mvoe on; and drink foolishly and stupidly with these two guys and their male squad at possibly bars and nightclubs where big wigs hang around at and we got VIP entry without the velvet ropes just like the popular guys at school who most of them were nightclub promoters by night and students by day. This never happened as I had no connection anyway to even call them my friends.

Its been a decade and I had decided to not attend my first high school reunion, so I didn’t take the chance to possibly see them again or anyone from that open-ended friendship circle I once existed in as a ghost and a victim of alienation and ignorance. I felt deep down that even watching Scrubs alone when a little fanboy inside me will come out but the teenage high school memories were bad and negative, and Scrubs triggers them. I think I’ll watch it when I’m sick for work and stay home alone and watch it alone and laugh off how stupid my friends were with watching such a shit dull show.

I’ll continue listening to its dandy theme song on slow-mo settings on YouTube and laugh off those ignorant nubs who didn’t embrace my weirdness back then and still find me cool if I wasn’t a Scrubs fan like they were all were back then out of reflection of that past I had.