Meeting a guy who’s father left behind his family due to having two severely autistic sons that he couldn’t cope with raising

This is arguably one of the most saddest stories I’ve heard based on negligence towards a child or children on the autism spectrum

Last Friday night I was invited by a friend to her Late Halloween party held at her apartment, and there was some new faces I hadn’t seen before which included her boyfriend. After numerous drinking games being played, we all ended up just chatting amongst each other about life and I happen to had one of these ‘life’ conversations with my friend’s boyfriend.

I introduced myself to him and we got to know each other a bit and he brought up about living with two severely autistic brothers and I straight away told him that I can understand the patience and tolerance he had to endure while living with his brothers.

Later on, it started out when the party got a bit too loud and I was getting a little sensory overload and was going to go outside on the balcony for a while until I settled down; but instead I went into the spare bedroom where the boyfriend had stored his musical equipment including a keyboard that a female guest was playing alone with in which he happened to be in there watching her play. So I joined him and listen to this female sing along to her song she played on the keyboard.

This was a chance to hang around with my friend’s boyfriend who was also taking a break form the loud party environment and working on his music on his computer all pretty chilled at that point. I told him that I hoped he didn’t mind I stayed in the room with him since informing him that I was having a sensory overload, in which beforehand I told him I was on the autism spectrum and he was cool with it.

Tipsiness had taken over my mind and I began to vent about how its been difficult living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers Disorder). This is when my friend’s boyfriend started to tell me something real confronting he endured in his life…

He had told me that his father left him when he was 14 years old and never returned, leaving him with his abusive mother and his two severely autistic brothers behind. He had no choice but to take over the fatherly role with his brothers and did the best he could to raise them up over the years until the abuse from his mother pushed him over the edge and made a life-changing decision to get away from his family and move to my country (I didn’t even know he wasn’t from my country since he picked up my dialect). While he has lived in my country, he was still supporting his brothers by sending them money over for their mother to spend on aiding resources for his brothers, but he’s never sure if every dollar he spends over goes towards his brothers or just for his mother’s personal spendings on herself.

I hope my friend’s boyfriend will continue to do what he can to support his brothers wholeheartedly.