I wasn’t a stereotypical autistic child who only ate chicken nuggets (aspie rant)

When you think of fast food (or junk food) and tie it into autistic children, you get the stereotypical assumption that they all love to eat chicken nuggets for lunch and dinner and never wanting to ever have anything to for lunch and dinner besides chicken nuggets. This applies to children who are told by the mother or father to try “taste-testing” new food which is basically something containing vegetables that they never had before, but with a rage and fists slammed, they’ll demand chicken nuggets on the spot whether its fresh out of a frozen box of chicken nuggets bought forma supermarket or ordered at a McDonald’s drive thru.

As for me, yes I ate chicken nuggets when I was around 4 to 5 years old if my mother didn’t get a chance to cook something nice for me and my sister at the time, so she cooked chicken nuggets for me and my sister. I was quite fond of chicken nuggets as they are tasty and nice to munch on. There were times after I had chicken nuggets at least one a week that I would be getting more and more fond of it but I don’t ever recall begging my mother to cook me chicken nuggets for lunch and dinner. My lunch was mainly either a sandwich with a spread or Strassburg sandwiches with tomato sauce.

I also don’t remember what my mother would cook each week which was always different that I would eat with my family in my toddler years, but I certainly don’t recall ever demanding chicken nuggets every night for dinner. It was actually a Happy Meal form McDonalds that I demanded my Mum or Dad to buy me if we were on the way home somewhere at night and they would order a Fillet-O-Fish meal while I had my Happy Meal with small fries, cheeseburger and no drink since my parents realised feeding soda/soft drink would make me act all hyper from the sugar. Good move there mother and father.